Liesel Zink

Lawrence English

Martyn Coutts

Lead Artists (February 2021 Development)
Roxanne McDonald, Brian Lucas, Leah Shelton, Hsin-Ju Ely, Joshua Lowe

Lead Artists (October 2020 Development)
Joel Bray, Joshua Lowe, Katina Olsen, Niharika Senapati, Leah Shelton, Ely Hsin-Ju

Developed with the assistance of dancers from
Yellow Wheel and the Independent Arts community in South East Brisbane.

Commissioned by Arts Centre Melbourne.


Us and All of This

Premiere season early 2023, Melbourne Victoria.

Made in collaboration with sound artist Lawrence English, Us And All Of This is an en masse public space project that explores collectively and assembly as the antithesis of exploitation.

In a word increasingly defined by rising geopolitical tension, ecological mismanagement, deteriorating labour conditions and social isolation, the project offers a rare moment of calm reflection. Bringing together 100 local dancers for a large-scale contemporary performance work, the project momentarily unfolds across a large plot of urban public space, not in the pursuit of profiteering , but in the pursuit of togetherness and communion.

Us And All Of This  rejects the positioning of humans as something separate to the environment, and challenges the fast-paced, isolated structure of society. In this way, the performers move not on the landscape, but with the landscape, acknowledging our place as one part of a complex ecology. And for the participants, the experience extends beyond the performance itself into a ritual of coming together.

Us And All Of This forges a space for a diverse collection of people to gather, to learn, and to embody their shared resistance to an atomised way of life. It is not only a performance but a process; an exercise in the gentle act of shared creation.

PRODUCED BY: Performing Lines