Mature Program Coordinator
Wendy McPhee

Liesel Zink

Lighting Technician
Lauren Sallaway

2023 Mature Ensemble

Anni Webster
Annie MacAskill
Beverley Giles
Felicity Begley-Mills
Janice Addison
Jo Desailly
Judy Macsporran
Julie Denniss
Lesley Synge
Margaret Clifford
Mary Anne McIntyre
Nereda Denington
Paula Maddern
Peta Picton
Tove Vine
Rana Jewell
Shona McKenzie
Vivienne Binns

Special thanks to
Jane Richens
Jennifer Price
Georgia Bales


ADC Mature Ensemble


Made in collaboration with the 19 dancers of the Mature Ensemble, Constellations explores the interconnectedness of our human existence; a weaving together of both the shared moments and divergent journeys that make us who we are.  We began the artistic process with conversation; reflecting on journeys, discoveries and turning points in our lives and how they have shaped the people we are today. As we started to embody these experiences what emerged was a synergy in our diverse experiences. This inspired an exploration of ‘a harmonious whole’ that reveals the depth and brilliance of our collective experience.

As described in this poem by ensemble member Anni Webster:
As individuals,
            Each of us is unique
            Each shines a different light
                        a different colour
                        a different intensity
When we come together
            Chaos erupts
            Crazy which way / each way / back way
            White noise blocks the light
One or two will pause
            Feel a pulse
Sense a beat
Connect with another
Patterns begin to emerge
waves of light
ripple out
reach others
shape rhythms
form pathways
Together we are more than the sum of our parts
Together we are
Constellations of Light