Richard Causer, Samantha Mitchell

The work it fell on the floor between them was commissioned by Expressions Dance Company as part of the 2010 Launch Pad - emerging choreographers program.


It Fell On The Floor Between Them

Expressions Dance Company's LAUNCH PAD 2010

'…a modern, striking exploration of how two bodies exist in the same space at the same time… the depth of her thought and knowledge of this topic (communication through body language) is evident in a mature and compelling piece. The feelings of frustration, irritation and disintegration are palpable, and to convey this with movement is a triumph for Liesel' (Caitlin Gahan, Australian Stage)
'The piece is intensely athletic yet centered at the same time.' (Cameron Pegg, Courier Mail)

The way we sit, the way we look at each other, the way we respond to each other's touch. Gestures. Nuances. This work explored the dynamic and hostility between two bodies in space. He folded his arms, she turned her back to him: their world slowly dismantled. It fell on the floor between them.