Liesel Zink

Elise May, Michelle Ryan, Samantha Mitchell, Rhainnon Mclean, Jack Ziesing, Ben Chapam and Robbie McMilan (with special thanks to the contribution of David Williams).

Composer/Sound Designer
Mike Willmett

Libby Mcdonnel

Lighting Design
Ben Hughes

Robbie O’Brien


Synapse (Propel)

Expressions Dance Company's PROPEL 2013

...'Zink is a key figure in the changes we see in the Australian contemporary dance scene....stunningly effective'(Xanthe Coward, XS Entertainment).
...'a profound, original contribution to the world of dance. Liesel Zink's work is spare, intellectually honest and compelling. To have achieved such truth and beauty by the age of 25 is astonishing.' (Matt Foley, Stagediary).
...'(Zink's) choreography captured insecurity, strength, purpose and sorrow....nothing short of ingenious' (DanceHub Magazine)

Commissioned by Expressions Dance Company through their new 'Propel' Season, Synapse began with an interest in the space between you and I. A curiosity in how the energy that passes from person to person impacts upon collective human behaviour.

Crowd behaviour and the concept of social normality intrigues me; the idea that the social norms we know and live by have come from somewhere in the universe outside ourselves, when really, it is just us, looking around at the world and each other for cues of how to behave. So; seven individual humans land on a blank slate of a world. How do they act, react and interact with each other and their environment? Are decisions made from the group or the individual? And what is driving them?

Expressions Dance Company acknowledges the assistance of the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.