Liesel Zink

LINK Dance Company

Aimee Brown, Amy Thieme, Emily Malone, Kate Jenkins, Madeleine Bird, Rachel Forster-Jones, Sarah Chaffey, Zoe Wozniak.

Mike Willmett

Charlotte Gee

Lighting Design
Matt Dibbs

Stage Manager
Jessie Atkins

Special thanks to Michael Whaites, Artistic Director of LINK Dance Company.


LINK Dance Company

The Miranda Warning

Commissioned and created on LINK Dance Company for their Surge season in 2014.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law

This work emerged from my current research into the politics of mass movement, vocal and visible protest, and the ownership, control and policing of what is considered to be public property.

It started with a shared desire to change the world; myself and the eight dancers energised by the potential to have a political voice, to make a meaningful impact.

We spoke passionately about our concerns, our fears, the things we wanted to say and the rights we wanted to stand for.

Then we began to question how much is actually being heard.