This project is currently being developed as a performance project through an Associate Artist role at Force Majeure.


Our New

In the face of failing patriarchal structures, Our New creates a platform for women collaboratively imagine the possibility of something new; an intersectional approach to re-imaging our future with female voices at the core.

OUR NEW Exhibition

Our New has also existed as an exhibition at IMA as part of the ‘Making Art Work’ program in 2020. Throughout November 2020, Liesel Zink conducted one-on-one conversations with women discussing their desired values and visions for the future. The installation Our New displayed a series of statements gathered from these conversations on a large panel in the window of IMA Belltower, facing Brunswick Street through November and December 2020. A new statement was displayed every day. The artwork sought to amplify the voices of those less heard and encouraging passers-by to consider what we can all gain from a female-led future.


Liesel Zink with collaborators and contributors Genevieve Morrow Ganner, Lenine Bourke, Alinta McGrady, Roxanne McDonald, Anisa Nandaula, Chelsea Chua, Adrianne Jones, Sanaz Hamoonpou, Mojgan Shamsalipoor, Natasha Hayes, Yasmin Amir Hamzah, Meg Cooper, En Rui Foo, Marianne Wobcke, Megan Anstince, Marisa Georgious, Lana Siliga, Georgia Fullerton, and April Dawson.


Development of Our New is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland La Boite Theatre’s HWY Program, seed development funded through VitalStatistix Adhocracy Program.