Choreographer / Director
Liesel Zink

Producer / Presenter
Artslink QLD

Educational Dramaturge
Adrienne Jones

Lucy Ingham, Liesel Zink, Courtney Scheu.

Sound Design
Mike Willmett

Libby McDonnell

Voice Actor
Robbie O'Brien


Shift / No Way

Co-presented by Liesel Zink and Artslink QLD for Artslink Schools Touring QLD
Drawing from research from Bullying No Way! Campaign.

Shift (Secondary Show)

n.: a change in position, emphasis, focus or tendency

Drawing from the experiences of young people, Shift explores identity, human connection and conflict through interactive dance theatre.

Liesel Zink and sound artist Mike Willmett have interviewed over 60 young people who have shared their perspective on social issues including peer pressure, social networking, sexting, power, authority and the worth of simple acts of kindness. Their thoughts, voices and perspectives have been collated into a unique soundtrack that drives the Dance Theatre work.

Two performers invite three school students to join them up on stage for the duration of performance. Directed through headphones, the students help build the scenes as they explore the complexities of human relationships through the use of everyday pedestrian movement, stylised gesture and highly physical contemporary dance. This dynamic production enlightens students awareness of social patterns and instils within them the power to make change.

The performance is recommended for both dance and drama students.

To request to book this show for performance in 2015, contact Artslink QLD here.

No Way (Primary Show)

The bullying jigsaw is a puzzle best solved with friendship

Bounding into a jigsaw puzzle world where not much makes sense, two friends begin to explore the perils of the problem. They both know that bullying exists; they've even felt it for themselves. But instead of focusing on the problem, together they try to find a solution.

No Way! is an interactive dance theatre production that tackles the serious issue of bullying in a creative and vibrant way. Using moveable puzzle pieces to reveal questions and scenarios about bullying, the two dancers will draw students into the heart of the bullying problem and help them to discover a solution.

Set to a dynamic soundtrack of music, student interviews and facts from the Bullying, No Way! campaign, No Way! reflects students' experiences with bullying, inspiring them to take action and make positive changes.