The Stance


Directed and choreographed by
Liesel Zink
in collaboration with:

Martyn Coutts

Sound Artist
Mike Willmett

Lauren Carr, Caitlin Mackenzie, Ting Chen, Amy Pan, Joshua Thomson, Gabriel Comerford, Robert Flehr, Sammie Williams, Charles Ball.

Leah Shelton


@ King George Square

Brisbane 2015

The Stance – Brisbane occupied King Georges Square from 10am – 7pm on Thursday 13th of August 2015, opening Metro Arts Slipstream Festival of Time Based Art.

King George Square is a place rich with the history of Queensland protest. For over 100 years it has had miners strikes, Vietnam war marches, indigenous rights protests, Springbok tour protests, Joh era riots and G20 protests - it is a living monument to democratic movement in Queensland.

The Stance – Brisbane examined the act of doing, of turning up, of putting your body on the line for something you believe in, over and over again. It presented a series of symbols, signs, a choreography of bodies space and time stating that we are here, we have a voice and the each of us has something unique and important to say.

This is a magnificent, special artwork. It expresses the drama of a public space in which for over a century many souls have taken a stance in the cause of freedom. (Matt Foley)
The Stance offered people the opportunity to walk by, to eschew asking any questions. It's a testament to the work that many stopped, and many collected the headphones and engaged. I see parallels with civil disobedience - I am free to ignore or dismiss that which is front of me.' (Rohan Kapitany, Psychology Researcher)

Photography by FenLan Photography


This project was supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland and Creative Sparks which is a joint initiative of Brisbane City Council and the Queensland Government. This project was also been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.