Liesel Zink

Martyn Coutts

Lawrence English

Community Engagement Manager
Cass Fumi

Assistant Choreographer
Joshua Lowe

Production Manager
Bindi Green

Stage Manager
Natasha Marich

Core Artists
(Arts Centre Melbourne)

Ngioka Bunda-Heath
Kyall Shanks
Katrina Rank
Guy Ritani

Core Artists
(Bunjil Place)

Jenn Ma
Gülsen Özer
Dee Wong
Hithanjanee Yatawara

Core Artists
(Geelong Arts Centre)

Jessica Lessosky
Fiona Luca
Ash Skinner

Local Community Coordinator (Arts Centre Melbourne)
Chafia Brooks

Local Community Coordinator (Bunjil Place)
Jess Li

Local Community Coordinator (Geelong Arts Centre)

Produced by
Performing Lines

Initiated by
Arts Centre Melbourne

Lead Artists (February 2021 Development)
Roxanne McDonald, Brian Lucas, Leah Shelton, Hsin-Ju Ely, Joshua Lowe

Lead Artists (October 2020 Development)
Joel Bray, Joshua Lowe, Katina Olsen, Niharika Senapati, Leah Shelton, Ely Hsin-Ju

Developed with the assistance of dancers from
Yellow Wheel

A Betty Amsden Participation Project


Us and All of This

Choreographed by Liesel Zink with sound by Lawrence English, Us and All of This (UAAOT) is a large-scale contemporary performance project that gathers up to 150 people of diverse ages, cultures and backgrounds to perform en masse in the public realm. It was commissioned by the Betty Amsden Participation Program, premiering in March/April 2023 at the Arts Centre Melbourne Forecourt, Bunjil Place Plaza and Johnstone Park with Geelong Arts Centre. Across these three venues, UAAOT engaged over 250 participants between 15 – 86 years of age, as well as a local team of 15 artists to support on the ground delivery.

Written responses to Us And All Of This:
> Response by Guy Ritani
> Response by Martyn Coutts

In a world increasingly defined by rising geopolitical tension, ecological mismanagement, deteriorating labour conditions and social isolation, UAAOT is a calm and meditative act of collective resistance. Sculptural in nature, the performance momentarily unfolds across a large plot of urban public space exploring assembly and collectivity as an antidote to exploitation and dislocation. Existing boundaries between the viewer and the viewed are stretched and pulled by this evocative approach to aesthetic collective action, calling on the traditions of protest and the public voice to offer a powerful display of togetherness in otherwise isolated and divisive times.

UAAOT is created in collaboration with local artists and community members, ensuring the work is responsive to place while also providing a unique opportunity for inter-cultural and artistic exchange. UAAOT is an opportunity for our people across experiences to be slow together in a safe space to process the challenges of our time and build a sense of collective resilience.

A Betty Amsden Participation Program
Arts Centre Melbourne presents
Us And All Of This by Liesel Zink
Produced by Performing Lines
Co-presented with Geelong Arts Centre and Bunjil Place